From the bed for three points. They are gold, coincide Coufal et al.

Ariel Schalit, ČTK / AP

Loss of five players, pre-match training for only eight players in the field and one goalkeeper, the arrival of the remaining nine players from Cyprus to Israel on the day of the match. The national team is again one crazy operation richer.

“It simply came to our notice then. Without pre-match training, we lay in bed all day on Saturday, as I don’t want to say what, and didn’t know what would happen … On the day of the match, travel, one to the hotel, sleep and match. Perhaps it will not hit us again to succeed in Scotland. We have a well-played group, I hope that we will go to Scotland, “the defender Vladimír Coufal told ČT sport.

The nationalist has to return to Prague, where he will only find out from the hygienists who will fly to Scotland. Whether Šilhavý’s first set, or again a league selection led by David Holoubek as in September in Olomouc.

The national team in Israel shook at the end, but defended the victory

“Under the conditions we had before the match, three points are valuable,” points out Lukáš Provod, the best player of the Czech team on Sunday.

“We started well, but then the opponent took the reins and we have to admit that in the second half we were already pulling for a shorter end. In the end, we were also lucky to pay god for three points, “adds Matěj Vydra, the author of the winning goal.

The opponent took them in the lead

“We are extremely happy that we managed to win on hard ground, the opponent was excellent. We started well, played very actively. We had chances that we did not change. Paradoxically, our opponent helped us and we got into the lead, “evaluates coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Czech coach Jaroslav Šilhavý must praise the team.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“Then there was a more active opponent, strong on the ball. We survived the first half. The opponent started the second one actively, but we managed to put 2: 0 from the kick. However, Israel did not want to accept the development and reduced. They threatened from fast combination actions, the excellent Zahavi and Solomon caused us huge problems, “do not hide the coach of the Czech team.

“It simply came to our notice then. We were able to give and get a goal, we survived a great chance, during which Vacloš kicked the ball with his heel on the stick. I have to praise the boys that even in the non-standard conditions of today they managed the match for three points, “acknowledges Šilhavý.


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