From Montessori to positive education – Sylvain Wagnon

Montessori, Freinet, democratic schools, homeschooling… All these trends are part of the galaxy of new pedagogies which are meeting a growing echo in our society. As books and articles on the subject multiply, parents are increasingly asking questions about the education to be given to their child. What is it exactly? What are the specifics? How will this help my child to develop and arm themselves for the future?

Professor in the history of education, Sylvain Wagnon analyzes without bias these educational trends that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.e century. Influence of positive psychology and neurosciences, refusal of the school framework, role of parents, he examines their points of agreement and disagreement, their motivations and their ambitions. Because, by reforming the education of our children, these pedagogies also draw social projects.

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