French singer Camlia Jordana announces good news

Find out more about this 4th opus by Camlia Jordana

The 4th musical collection of Camlia Jordana will soon be available in record stores. Indeed, the artist has indicated to have finished the recording of the one who will succeed Lost. Fans can find on the tracklist of this album several songs such as singles Silence and Easy.

The album was due out at the end of October 2020

According to the announcement of Claire Chazal on the Passage des arts plateau, the project Camlia Jordana should be available in stores on October 30, 2020. The release of this CD of the french singer has been postponed to a date still unknown, but could well see the light of day by the end of 2020.

The recording of Camlia Jordana’s 4th musical collection has been completed Bestimage

Discover the artist’s other albums

So far, Camlia Jordana has only released 3 records. Her first CD, which bears her name, was released in 2010. Subsequently, she performed with In the skin , available in stores since 2014. It was not after she released Lost , available for sale since 2018.

The musician was seen in a film by Emmanuel Mouret

Rcemment, linterprte de Calamity Jane was the feature poster The things we say, the things we do . In this realization by Emmanuel Mouret, she lent her Daphn features.


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