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French Government Requests Removal of Whatsapp for Cybersecurity – What Are the Alternatives?

Pressing Alexandre Le Mer

You certainly use instant messaging like Whatsapp to contact your loved ones.

In government, Élisabeth Borne asked her ministers to uninstall Whatsapp for cybersecurity issues.

So 20Minutes asked its readers and, clearly, they are not ready to cut the cord.

The first thing that makes it a popular app is that it is free. You can chat, exchange videos, talk by video on the other side of the world, like Jean-Pierre who checks in on his son in Asia.

The other advantage is ease. Loanne, another 20 Minutes reader, appreciates the natural side of instant messaging.

But other readers are like Élisabeth Borne, they also think about security and respect for private life. There, as soon as you send something on the web… That’s why Louis left Whatsapp to switch to Signal, an app that doesn’t use your personal data.

Élisabeth Borne logically asked her ministers to instead install French messaging apps like Olvid or Tchap, which is the instant messaging service for civil servants.

There’s more to life than Whatsapp.

What are you going to watch on TV Saturday night?

The traditional Miss France evening on TF1 of course! Election live from Dijon with a 100% female jury! This is not a first, explains Today in France, but it is rare enough to be highlighted.

During the first televised evening of Miss France in 1987, it was on FR3 at the time, in your opinion, how many women were there on the jury?

Only one against eight men, it was the actress Fanny Cottençon, alongside Léon Zitrone, Bernard Menez and Popeck among others.

Unthinkable situation today. That year, Nathalie Marquay-Pernault won.

This is not the first time that the Miss Jury is made up only of women.

Indeed, it’s the third time! The first was in the middle of the MeToo period. The second time, it was for the 100th anniversary of the election with only former Miss France on the jury.

And this time, what is the reason?

None actually. At least, none claimed! “It’s not a course of action that we impose on ourselves, it happened naturally,” explains the new boss of Miss France. Sylvie Tellier’s successor is a man Frédéric Gilbert. Sylvie Tellier retains the symbolic role of president of the jury.

Around her, only women, but very different profiles: entrepreneur, actress, boxer, pastry chef. You will undoubtedly recognize the faces of Nolwenn Leroy, Adriana Karembeu and Stéfi Celma, seen in the series 10 percent. And know that the jury’s vote counts for half, as much as the public!

A 100% female Miss France jury in Today in France

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