Freiburg’s new city quarter, Bischofslinde – Freiburg, was built on the green meadow

Freiburg city history

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In the 1960s, Freiburg’s Betzenhausen district grew through the development of the Bischofslinde area in the direction of the city center. A building cooperative played an important role in this.

The district of Betzenhausen combines two opposites: on the western side, the ancient village of Betzenhausen, first mentioned in 972 and incorporated into Freiburg in 1908, around Dietenbachstrasse and the church of St. Thomas, on the other side the district that was designed on the drawing board from the early 1960s Bischofslinde. The building cooperative Wohnstättenbau Freiburg, which has now merged with Bauverein Breisgau, also played an important role.
Wohnstättenbau Freiburg had worked tirelessly for the construction of Bischofslinde and built some houses there. For the time being, the city made full-bodied advertising – the advance praise shot up like the planned buildings later. The “herding of the West” should …

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