Free improves the Wi-Fi of all its Freeboxes with a software update


Free posted at 10 am this morning an update to major for the Wi-Fi of its Freebox Revolution, Mini 4K, One, Delta and Pop. The stability and performance of Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4 GHz) are “Greatly improved”. For best performance, verify that 802.11n mode and WPA2 / AES protection are enabled. The 802.11ac (5 GHz) Wi-Fi of Freebox Revolution and Mini 4K also saw its performance leap forward.

According to Xavier Niel, “We’re not quite there, but we’re doubling the speed. You don’t quite double the range, but you improve it explosively. We are at + 60, + 70% range. “ The operator acquired a small company which, in addition to the development of the Freebox Pop repeater, rewrote the Wi-Fi part of the firmware of existing Freeboxes to optimize it.

The Freebox Revolution, released in 2011, always updated (and still marketed).

Version 4.2 of the firmware also introduces WPA3, the latest version of the security protocol to connect to a wireless network. That’s not all: the Freebox Revolution, Mini 4K and One can now display a QR code to simplify the connection. In addition, parental control has been revised from a profile system.

The release notes don’t mention it, but Xavier Niel had also indicated that this update would make all Freeboxes compatible with the Freebox Pop Wi-Fi repeater. The repeater is currently reserved for Pop and Delta. It should be on sale for customers of other models from back to school.

As usual, to install the update, simply restart your Freebox (the Server in this case). “We are going to reboot its box, the improvement in Wi-Fi is immediately visible”, promised Xavier Niel. Do not hesitate to do a speed test before and after to see the gain brought by this update.

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