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“Thai COVID” died 2 more, infected with 271 cases found in PTT, 259 cases. “Samut Sakhon” came in another 208 cases, leading to 3,599 cases, while “Bangkok” added 14 cases to “Rayong” side. Dr. Thaweesilp, urged all parties to cooperate to fight the COVID epidemic, keep an eye on Jan 17-31, assess the relief situation in 28 provinces with the highest control While “FDA” is confident that Thailand has been using the COVID-19 vaccine according to the plan, “Big Den” insists the illegal smuggling movement has 33 government officials, 25 of which are police and 8 others.

On January 14, 64, Dr. Taweesil Wissanuyothin, NESDB spokesman reported the situation of a patient infected with the COVID-19 virus. In Thailand latest Another 271 new cases were found, divided into 259 domestic and 12 foreign infections, and 181 out of proactive screening. From the proactive screening of 3,187 foreign workers, a cumulative total of 11,262 cases, in addition, two additional deaths were found, with a total of 69 deaths and 717 more healed patients, and a total of 7,660 cured patients. Another 3,533 hospitalized for the deaths was a 72-year-old British man with diabetes, thyroid and lung cancer, and a 5-3-year-old Thai man with diabetes. There is a history of traveling to many eastern provinces by private car.

Dr. Thaweesil said that there are now 60 provinces spreading the same as on Jan. 13, and 17 provinces have not reported any cases of infection. Therefore I want it to be always zero While more than 50 provinces with more than 50 infected were still in 10 provinces, today (14 Jan) two of the 10 provinces, Chanthaburi and Nakhon Pathom, have not reported any more cases and four provinces have infected. The decreases were Chonburi, Rayong, Bangkok and Samut Prakan. So thank you for helping us make the numbers better. But I do not blame the provinces that have reported more cases of infection. Because it is a result of aggressive search, if these 10 provinces can drop numbers, the numbers of the whole country will drop significantly.

When asked about this measure, when will the situation be re-evaluated? To enter the measure of relaxation, Dr. Thaweesil said that the latest measures were announced on January 4, 64, so the ERC meeting. Therefore, it is the first day of the nationwide measures to be issued if the 14 days of COVID-19 safety will be completed on January 17, which came into force in 28 provinces by Gen. Na. Thaphon Nakphanich, secretary-general of the National Security Council (NSC), as the director of the COVID-19 Management Center Operation Center, asked all provinces to strictly order all requirements until January 17 and Must be evaluated again in the next 2 weeks, which the end of this series of measures on 31 January will be the period to see the effects of action. Therefore, if the number continues to decrease This means that we have been using drugs effectively. However, throughout this January, we would like to encourage everyone to help reduce the number of COVID-19 cases so that we do not have to see the picture from the strong drug use.
While the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health The number of new cases of COVID infected in the country and collected from December 18, ’20 to January 14, ’21, with the 10 highest cases of COVID-listed data on January 14, ’21 at 00.00 Including

1. Samut Sakhon, 208 more new cases, total 3,599 cases 2. Chonburi, 10 more cases, total 630 cases 3. Rayong 11 more, total 564 customers 4. Bangkok, 14 more, total 526 5. Samut Prakan 5 more people, total 304 people 6. Chanthaburi No additional patients were found to the total 212 cases 7. Nonthaburi found 2 more cases, total 149 cases 8. Nakhon Pathom, no additional patients found 77 cases 9. Angthong found 5 more patients, total 89 cases 10. Pathumthani found One more patient, total of 68

Dr. Surachok Tangwiwat, Deputy Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) together with Dr. Supakit Sirilak, Director-General of the Department of Medical Sciences Ministry of Public Health Statement of progress Importing the COVID-19 vaccine Of Sinovac Biotech From China to import the first 2 million doses that will meet the time period set by the government.

Dr. Surachok said that the registration of the COVID-19 vaccine In Thailand, the FDA will consider 3 major issues: is the quality, safety and efficacy of the vaccine sufficient or not? By the applicant These information must be submitted. Come to assemble the registration For Thai officials to participate in the assessment, however, the COVID-19 vaccine Of the Sinovac Company In Thailand, it will import 2 million doses, the Ministry of Public Health stated that from China‘s injection trials No side effects were found. Therefore, considering which Novak Zek to choose to import into Thailand will look at the properties as a set. Followed by the price and whether there is enough or not. To be sold to Thailand or not.

Dr. Supakit stated the results of the vaccine efficacy test from Sinovac Company. The Institute of Butanton from Brazil revealed that The vaccine’s efficacy against symptomatic infection was only 50.4% in final clinical trials. Causing current criticisms of the efficiency that The tests that take place It is a test among medical personnel as the front line in disease prevention. And elderly at risk volunteers Which is considered in a high risk area Unlike Thailand In addition, if analyzing other information together It was found that the test results showed a 78% prevention rate and 100% no mortality of the infected.

The same day at the Royal Thai Police (Pol. Deputy Chief of Staff Kittipraphat revealed that from the event of a new coronavirus outbreak, which originated from Samut Sakhon Province, the Pol. Head of the Investigation Task Force of the Network for Illegal Escapes From the examination that There is a process of smuggling foreign labor through natural channels. Most of them come through Kanchanaburi province, which may be the cause of the outbreak this time. The working group went to the area to conduct a search and inspection by the Provincial Police Region 7 together with the Central Working Group. It was found that there were 33 foreign workers transporting movements with government officials involved, 25 police officers, and 8 other officers, both of which were considered criminal prosecution. Disciplinary and administrative

“Other government officials Involved When it is clear from the appointed working group Will bring the information of police officers to report to the Prime Minister And the established working group For further action As for the investigation of the Working Group to suppress the network of offenses related to illegal fleeing aliens At the immigration office responsible Conducted an investigation, found that there is a movement involved in the transport of foreign workers on the Kanchanaburi side. Important information, number of 2 networks, currently in the process of collecting evidence to prosecute Which is expected about next week Will be able to prosecute and ask for the initial arrest warrant for 8 cases

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