Francina Armengol announces help

Armengol has announced special dividends for all people who are unemployed during the winter months

Prime Minister of the Balearics Francina Armengol yesterday announced various financial aid for the citizens of the Balearics. In the background, the strong inflation in the islands and the high number of seasonal workers. For all unemployed in the winter months, Armengol announced, among other things, special dividends of up to 600 euros and the freeze on taxes for self-employed workers.

There should also be aid for the purchase of real estate: Armengol has promised guarantees of over 20 percent of the mortgage for the purchase of a main residence up to 270,000 euros. People who can pay a mortgage but don’t have the money for the down payment should have the opportunity to purchase a property.

Tax concessions should be provided for already stipulated variable rate mortgages.

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