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Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:06 PM

France intends to impose sanctions on Israeli settlers involved in acts of violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, and the French Foreign Minister will address this issue at the European level next Monday during a meeting in Brussels, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today, Thursday./.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Lugendre said today: “These acts of violence must stop, and the Israeli authorities must ensure this and prosecute their perpetrators.”“.

She added that on France’s part, it also bears its responsibility, as it intends to take measures such as freezing assets at the French level as well as at the European level, noting that Minister Catherine Colonna will discuss this issue in the Council of Foreign Ministers next Monday in Brussels..

She explained that work is underway to identify the targeted figures, and said, “We are continuing our discussions with our European partners and hope that we will be able to move forward at the national and European levels.”“.

France has always condemned the acts of violence committed by extremist Israeli settlers against the Palestinians in the West Bank.

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