Found dead body of soldier’s wife fell to a mysterious death In the garbage dump of military flats, RTA 1

Found dead body of soldier’s wife Mysterious death in a garbage dump at a military flat in the 1st Army Region after drinking and socializing with friends on Loy Krathong night. It could be a covert murder, a robbery, or a murder to clear off debt. Police rush to investigate

At 9:40 p.m. on November 30, Police Lieutenant Wethit Singha, Deputy Police Inspector (Investigation), Bang Sue Police Station, received a report of a death from a fall inside the welfare flats of military officers in the Army Region 1. 1 Phahonyothin Road, Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok, so reported it to the supervisor before rushing to investigate along with Central Forensics Division officials, forensic doctors, Police Hospital, Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteers.

The scene of the crime has a fence surrounding the entrance and exit. There are military officers inspecting it at all times. Unrelated persons are strictly prohibited from entering the area. Within the area of ​​Building Sor.2, Rd.1, 4 floors high, on the rooftop there is an unlocked room. Inside is a garbage dump that has not been opened for use in a long time. It is 3×3 meters wide. The mouth of the well is 3×1 meters wide and 15 meters deep. Looking down to the bottom, you will find the body of Ms. Ann, aged 36 years, lying face down with broken limbs. photo Wear a white long-sleeved shirt black pants Carrying a small brown bag no shoes Rescue workers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation were unable to rappel down to collect the body because of the high risk. A machine had to be used to punch through the concrete and wall next to the stairs to get the body out.

From the preliminary inspection The body began to decompose, but no wounds were found. There is no phone inside the shoulder bag. There are only miscellaneous items. Initially, the police took the body for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

The deceased’s husband testified that Before the incident occurred on the evening of November 27, Loy Krathong Day, he had been drinking and socializing with a group of fellow soldiers. As for the wife, she drinks and socializes with a group of military wife friends. Inside the said flat Late at night, his wife told him to go back to his room to see the children first and then he would follow. As time passed, he tried to call but no one answered the phone. I called a group of friends and helped search until almost morning but couldn’t find him. After that, he entered the daily diary as evidence. Until today, someone smelled a putrid smell near the stairs and went up to look and found the corpse.

From the preliminary inspection The garbage dump at the scene of the incident is normally locked at all times. But during this time, there were foreign workers coming to repair the roof, so it was not locked. The police have raised the issue that They may have been robbed and then murdered to conceal the body. Because 2 days ago, the deceased’s mobile GPS went to the end of Bangna-Trad Road. Heading to Samut Prakan Province before disappearing. Another issue is that the deceased may have gone to clear the money with the debtor because the money was lent and not returned. So he was murdered to conceal the body. There must be an investigation into how the deceased climbed up and fell into the garbage pit. If there are additional witnesses on other issues Police will continue to investigate.

Reporters reported that until 2:00 a.m. on December 1, officials were still unable to remove the body of the deceased from the bottom of the garbage dump.

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