Fortuna Düsseldorf versus SV Werder Bremen: 2: 3, 2nd matchday – 2nd Bundesliga – football

The Fortunes complained that Sargent had used his upper arm to help him accept the ball. The suspicion could also be fully understood after the television pictures, but the hit withstood the review of the video referee.

Hennings with his third goal of the season

The guests for the second half should have realized with this lucky intermediate result that they had to defend the flanks better and stand closer to the opponents in the center. But that didn’t work: Just three minutes after the restart, Narey, completely neglected by Marco Friedl, had space to flank, and Hennings acrobatically pushed the ball into the net in the middle – already his third goal after his double from the opening win in Sandhausen.

But even Düsseldorf did not get the defensive under control throughout. Schmid circled a corner kick caused by Fortuna without emergency on the second post, Kastenmeier wandered through his six-yard space and Zimmermann didn’t even jump up in the header duel with Sargent – the 1: 2 in the 64th minute.

Agu awards the preliminary decision

That was an effective hit. Bremen then acted more controlled, Fortuna often too hectic forward. Felix Agu had the preliminary decision on the foot of a counterattack in the 77th minute, but narrowly missed. In the 81st minute, the guests cheered again, but the goal from Sargent was not recognized after video evidence, because passer-by Yuya Osako had previously been marginally offside.


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