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Since the start of this season of Fortnite, the water level gradually drops. This time, it’s a whole new city that has just been discovered! This one is certainly not unknown to you since it is the one built by the coral friends.

A city below

Decidedly, things have changed a lot since the first time you brought the coral buddies enough wood to build some dwellings. If we do not know how long in game separates this event from the appearance of the new city, they have clearly not been idle.

The peculiarity of Coral Castle is that it is below and that access via land is therefore limited. Knowing that it is surrounded by water, it is not embarrassing to enter it, to come out is another story. You can’t go up waterfalls like a salmon, you will therefore have to build or go through the few accesses via the earth.

A huge city, but quite empty

When you first see the town of Coral Castle in the northwest part of the island, it’s impossible not to see it! It has the particularity of being very imposing. However, once there, you may find it quite empty.

Indeed, most of Coral Castle is a “coral forest” with puddles everywhere. In the middle of this vast expanse sits a castle. Apart from that, you will have to be content with a few small buildings around.

Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 3: Coral Castle, our guide to the new town

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