News The cause of the Alfa Pendular accident has been...

The cause of the Alfa Pendular accident has been determined. Catenary Conservation Vehicle passed a red light and entered the line – News


Forty-one of the 44 injured from the derailment of the Alfa Pendular train have already been discharged and the other three remain hospitalized, hospital sources told Lusa today.

Speaking to Agência Lusa, the public relations office of the Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC), states that of the 28 wounded who checked in, 25 have already been discharged and the remaining three remain hospitalized.

“One patient is hospitalized in intensive care (the case that inspires more care) and two are in the intermediate surgical care unit,” said the same source.

As for the 12 wounded who were transported to the Figueira da Foz District Hospital, they were all discharged, according to information from the public relations office of that unit.

Of the 44 injured, four were discharged at the scene, 28 were transported to CHUC, including three children, and 12 were assisted at Figueira da Foz Hospital.

The train was going south – north bound for Braga and the derailment occurred after the collision between the Alfa Pendular and a working machine, near the village of Soure, near the town of Matas.

The two fatalities were the only occupants of the Infrastructures of Portugal machine, according to Coimbra’s district operations commander, Carlos Luís Tavares.


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