Home Entertainment Fort Boyard (France 2) Alexandra Rosenfeld: “It was my best edition!”

Fort Boyard (France 2) Alexandra Rosenfeld: “It was my best edition!”


This week the team of valiant candidates from “Fort Boyard” is playing for the “Matelots de la vie” association, which organizes adventures on board boats for hospitalized children. These adventures are also offered to young people outside the hospital, to give dreams, hope and the desire to fight against illness. Attacking the Fort this evening we find among the candidates: host Arianne Massenet, comedian Gérémy Credeville, actor Florent Peyre, journalist Hugo Cément and his companion Miss France 2006 Alexandra Rosenfeld.

Indeed, two years after their love at first sight on the set of Fort Boyard, the couple is back in the lair of Father Fourras. A new adventure which delighted the young woman: “This is the seventh time that I have participated in Fort Boyard, and the second time that I have played alongside my companion, Hugo Clément. Each time, I’m still so scared. Although this season I really surpassed myself. It was my best edition! “

Source: https://www.programme-television.org/news-tv/Fort-Boyard-France-2-Alexandra-Rosenfeld-C-etait-ma-meilleure-edition-4661234

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