Formula 1 | Steiner: The team that finishes seventh will have done the best job

Currently seventh in the Constructors’ Championship with 34 points, Haas F1 has to watch what’s behind them as AlphaTauri and Aston MartinF1 are respectively just one and nine points behind them ahead of the Singapore race, respectively.

But which of these teams has the best car at the end of the season? Günther Steiner, the director of the American team, does not necessarily see this as the deciding factor.

“I don’t know yet. I mean, in the middle of the pitch it’s very tight, we don’t know who has the fastest car. I think from now on it will depend on who makes the best five and a half weekends remaining. This team will finish seventh.” .

“But I don’t think anyone is specifically faster. It’s mainly about having the perfect weekend to score points, because big teams don’t normally make mistakes and have few problems in the race. We all know that the top eight places are already booked and practically we are here to take the leftovers and whoever has more will finish seventh “.

Although there are very few seats left to fill for the 2023 season, Steiner confirms that he has no plans to rush to confirm the identity of Kevin Magnussen’s future teammate.

“Because we’re not in a hurry. And there’s not much movement. So why hurry?”

The Austrian nevertheless revealed the qualities he hoped to find in his future driver.

“Who do we need to improve the team? What kind of driver? We also keep watching Mick (Schumacher). We observe a lot of things. We don’t just sit and do nothing, we look at what’s going on and we know where we want to go. because we are waiting “.

“So, like I said, there is no rush and we are taking the time to think about things. We don’t want to go wrong because of the lack of follow-up. That’s why it doesn’t. There is no pressure, I don’t think so.” that there are so many opportunities now and we won’t miss any. “

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