Former KPK employee fires Firli as a fried rice maker

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Former Functional Legal Bureau of the Corruption Eradication Commission (NCP), Juliandi Tigor Simanjuntak temporarily sells fried rice after being fired Firli Bahuri per 30 September 2021.

This information was conveyed by Christie Afriani, a former specialist in the Development of the Young Inter-Commission and Agencies Network (PJKAKI). Christie was also fired like Tigor.

“I’m very happy that my house is close to the Nasi Goreng KS Spice stall, Bang Tigor’s business, while eating you can also gossip,” said Christie in her twitter account @chrstafrn quoted Monday (11/10).

Tigor sells fried rice not far from where he lives on Jalan Raya Hankam, Jatirahayu, Pondok Melati, Bekasi, West Java.

During his service at the KPK, Tigor was known as a reliable employee in dealing with corruptors in the courtroom. Tigor is said to be an important figure in the KPK Legal Bureau along with Rasamala Aritonang–who was also fired by Firli Bahuri Cs.

“Tigor Simanjuntak, very skilled in the courtroom. KPK’s mainstay advocate in pretrial hearings proposed by corruption suspects,” said former KPK investigator, M. Praswad Nugraha, Monday (11/10).

The former investigator who had handled the Covid-19 social assistance corruption case revealed that the country had a big loss and had wasted Tigor’s abilities.

“KPK threw away its best cadre. The state has lost a lot. In fact, now he is just a fried rice cart on the side of the road. Today the country is sick,” said Praswad.

A total of 57 KPK employees who were declared not to have passed the TWK assessment were fired on September 30, 2021. Another employee who was also said to have failed the TWK assessment, Sujanarko, had declared himself retiring before receiving a letter of honor (SK) of dismissal.

Photo: CNNIndonesia / Basith Subastian
Infographics on the Position of Fired KPK Employees

The National Police Chief Gen. Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo expressed his desire to recruit dozens of these KPK employees to become ASN in the National Police. In fact, Listyo has written to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) regarding this intention. Jokowi, said Listyo, had agreed.

They will be assigned to oversee the use of the Covid-19 handling budget. They will also be placed to oversee the procurement of goods and services.

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