Former CEO, Jorge Braga will raise a millionaire salary from Botafogo; know the estimated value

The former CEO did Botafogofrom March 2021 to September 2022, Jorge Braga will collect compensation from the club. The value can reach R $ 30 million, according to the blog “Panorama Esportivo”, from “O Globo”.

Braga got a decision last month in justice which dissolved him from the contract with Botafogo, valid until the middle of next year. The next step is the legal process where you will collect the amounts you claim to be entitled to.

The blog states that the amount will be determined by expert scrutiny if Jorge Braga wins the trial, and could reach R $ 30 million.

Botafogo claims that the CEO has abandoned his role and that he charges amounts that are not owed to him.

– It is evident that he abdicated the position of chief executive officer almost immediately after the completion of the SAF, with consequent violation of professional obligations and duties. Braga is now demanding payment from the Social Club and SAF for services that have actually been performed by third parties, unfortunately resulting in a legal dispute.

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