Forced 1-year Car Loans and Lies: Scandals at Big Motor Stores

Forced 1-year Car Loans and Lies: Scandals at Big Motor Stores

Forced 1-year loan for customers who wish to purchase cash

In early August, JACCS, a major consumer credit company, announced that it would stop accepting new car loans at all Big Motor stores.

“We have made a comprehensive judgment in response to the series of scandals in big motors,” but when I confirmed with the JACCS public relations representative, “Since it is an individual case, it has not been announced in a press release, etc. However, we have informed the media who have asked us that we are no longer accepting applications.”

In Big Motor, most of them had a real interest rate of 9.9% + the number of loans “120 times”.

The company is said to have accounted for nearly half of the loan companies used by Big Motors. Customers who have already taken out a loan with JACCS will not be affected, just because new applications have been suspended.

Not only new cars, but also used cars, when it comes to shopping for several million yen, most people take loans instead of cash. Interest rates are generally higher for used cars than for new cars.

Banks with strict screening and complicated procedures have low interest rates (around 2 to 4%), while car loans from credit companies with relatively loose screening usually have interest rates of around 5 to 10%.

In Big Motor, most of them had a real interest rate of 9.9% + the number of loans “120 times”.

There is also a fraudulent case of “I was forced to make a loan even though I wanted to buy cash, and I lost a lot.”

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Mr. B, who purchased a domestic compact car at Big Motor A in Kanto, is one of them.

“The price was about 1 million yen, so I wanted to pay in cash. Then the sales person said, ‘The total payment amount won’t change, so could you take out a loan for one year?'”

“I thought, ‘If the total payment amount doesn’t change, I can make a loan with a relationship,’ so I decided to take out a loan from a credit company and pay it, but after a year, an unknown cost was added. I was supposed to pay a little over 1.2 million yen.”

“When I called the store to say, ‘I’m not talking about it!’

“300,000 yen free option if you make a loan” is also a lie

There are other similar cases.

Mr. D, who purchased a domestically produced SUV for 1.5 million yen at the Big Motor C store in Kyushu, has suffered from Big Motor’s lies.

“I had about 1,500,000 yen saved up to buy a car, and I wasn’t sure whether to pay it all in cash or take out a loan.”

“Then, the sales representative of store C said, ‘Could you take out a loan for one year? If it’s 12 months, the interest rate (*because it’s an add-on interest rate, the interest rate increases with each installment)’ is cheap.” Ta”

“Furthermore, I said, ‘After one year, you can pay the rest in full. I will add options for 300,000 yen, such as drive recorders and new tires, for free.'”

“The exchange terms were attractive, so I took out a loan accordingly. In conclusion, the 300,000 yen option was listed as a fee in the quotation.”

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“When I confirmed with the sales person that there must have been some kind of mistake, he said, ‘We didn’t promise a free option.

After that, Mr. D tried to talk to the salesman of the C store several times, but he was told that he should have confirmed it in the first estimate, and that there was no evidence, and he escaped.

When Mr. D said that he did not remember checking the quotation at the time of signing the contract, he said, “Didn’t you check it together on the tablet screen?” While doing so, I remembered what I had shown.

I didn’t have time to check them one by one. So, I requested “I want you to print out the quotation”, but I was told that “they don’t print it out”, and the salesman said, “This is free here” for the option contents for 300,000 yen. I remember scrolling even faster.

Several illegal activities can be confirmed up to this point, but Katsuyama, who also suffered damage at the Big Motor Kitahon store in Saitama Prefecture, was limited to 120 loans. *According to the person’s strong request, the real name will be made public.

What do you mean?

“You can only choose a loan 120 times” is a completely illegal contract

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