For adults only.. It was described as the most insolent scene in the Gulf.. The virtuous prostitute Hind Al Balushi swims in her underwear shamelessly, or the audience is shocked by her beauty.. Watch before deletion

Kuwaiti actress Hind Al Balushi topped the websites and search engines, after publishing a video of her from the series Set Al Hassan, which exposed her to great criticism because of what happened in this scene. The artist Hind Al Balushi is one of the most famous artists in Kuwait in the series Set Al Hassan, in a very strong scene.

The scene of Kuwaiti actress Hind Al Balushi’s shower in the series “Set Al Hassan”, which is currently being shown on the “Watch VIP” platform, caused a sensation on social media, as this bold scene is the first of its kind in Gulf drama.

In the controversial scene, Hind Al Balushi appeared while she was bathing, and only her shoulders appeared under the water, but it is the first time in the Gulf drama that such scenes are presented, and therefore she was subjected to a campaign of widespread criticism.


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