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Football Clubs in Argentina Offering Popular Prices Amid Economic Challenges

In a very complicated stage of our economy, The clubs accompany members and spectators with popular prices.

In times of inflationary peaks, stings in the pockets and daily remarking of prices, football clubs once again stand on the same side: that of accompanying the efforts of the member or spectator of our competitions and trying to make the most consumed entertainment lighter. our country.

It is common that in Argentina the price, for example, of gasoline, is adjusted assiduously and moves from one month to the next at a 70% liter increase. And that is when this increase is not weekly, as has happened in recent months… On the other hand, football, since August of last year, had not had an increase in the value of its tickets. They were five months of the highest inflation in the last 3 decades, and the cost of tickets did not change. Contrary to what happens with the rest of the consumer products or other variants of the entertainment industry and the practice of sport, football institutions absorb a large part of this shock in order to maintain the closeness of the members. , spectators and fans of the most popular sport in the world and that in our country has become a passion only comparable to religious fanaticism. And when we talk about popularity, the reference is to the meaning of the mass phenomenon, of massiveness (because in our nation the concept of “popular” has been degraded and distorted so much and so extremely that it had become synonymous with bad activity. quality, “berreta” product). Namely: while a fee to access, for example, the services of a gym is around $20.000 a $25.000 monthly, the fee of a first division club for the same period varies between $5.000 y $9.500. And in that value, the entities include access to the activities of all the disciplines practiced in the institution, to the facilities and – also – to the 2 (average) home games that their team plays in the month. If you look at it carefully, it turns out that what a member of an institution pays is between 30 and 35% of the value of 2 general tickets and with infinitely superior service. And in this methodology – although they exist in all First Division institutions – the discount for automatic debit and the benefits for family plans are not calculated. The clubs expose their sustainability even at the cost of putting the economic balance of their finances at risk. That, with respect to the advantages of joining an entity.

In reference to the value of the tickets or the football package itself, both the clubs and the companies that own the rights make great efforts so that the attendance of the product’s supporters continues to support football with the label of being entertainment. most accessible of all. That is undoubtedly. A member of a club enters 2 games per month and all the services of the institution per $9.500 -the highest social quota-, while a 4D cinema ticket reaches $7.800a 2D one reaches $5.600 or an average ticket to a theater is around $8,000 pesos. Not to mention music concerts, which are another boom in the post-pandemic entertainment industry: the prices of a ticket range from $30.000 To over $100.000 Yes it is an international band. The football entrance, it is remembered, reaches the $9.900which is paid only by those people who are not members of the clubs.

The football pack, for its part, has a price of $4.360 and this adhesion allows us to observe -minimum- 56 monthly matches, at a value of almost $78 per match, each match being “a premiere” of the weekend, and not a repeated movie/series, where one pays to watch again. Another part of the entertainment industry, such as applications to watch series and movies, average around $4199 pesos. Let’s compare…

The 28 clubs of the First Division of football They have aligned themselves and are immersed in a great effort to sustain the identity of Argentine football. It is already known that the passion with which this sport is lived in our nation is unique, envied and flattered “in extremis” by athletes, media and international observers. The images of the constant pilgrimages of our fans to all the venues of the World Cup in Qatar or the passionate reception that the Argentine people gave to our world champion team on December 20, 2022 (more than 7 million inhabitants took to the streets to participate in the party, without cracks or partisan divisions), are a registered trademark of our sense of belonging. That is why the containing efforts of the clubs in times of increasing numbers and hit pockets. Because the glorious and beloved Argentine football deserves everyone’s effort to move forward, with the identity and belonging that the entire planet recognizes us.

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