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NEW YORK – The holiday season is a favorite across the community, and celebrating with family, friends, loved ones, or any way that warms your heart is just around the corner.

The traditions of the season are one of the reasons people feel this time in a more special way. There is no doubt that in Latin America, there are unique and diverse traditions that add to the Christmas spirit. From seasonal dishes to Christmas carols that rejoice the soul.

The posadas or novenas of Christmas bonuses

Posadas are a traditional celebration that takes place 9 days before Christmas, i.e. from 16 to 24 December. They are mainly celebrated in countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama.

The idea is that during these 9 days people visit a house, as a representation of the Virgin Mary’s quest to find a place for the baby Jesus.

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On the other hand, in other Latin American countries, it is called novenas de aquinaldos, as in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. In these countries, from December 16 to 24, people gather to pray the novena, sing Christmas carols and eat seasonal dishes.

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Baby Jesus instead of Santa Claus

A classic tradition for most Latin American countries is linked to the delivery of gifts by the Child Jesus. Tradition has it that the gifts come from the Child Jesus due to Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Midnight snack

Midnight Mass is a Catholic celebration in which the birth of the Messiah is celebrated with a mass at midnight on Christmas Eve on December 24th.

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Celebration on December 24th

For most Latin American countries, even though Christmas falls on the 25th, the main holiday takes place on December 24th, the night everyone waits until midnight to celebrate Christmas Eve and the arrival of the baby Jesus.

Christmas dinner

While everyone in Latin America celebrates with a Christmas dinner, each country has different seasonal dishes.

In some countries, such as Venezuela, Christmas tamales known in this country as Hallaca are eaten. Other nations also eat tamales, such as in Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. In Argentina the roast is a tradition and in other countries, such as Peru, the turkey.

In Brazil, sonhos and rice with raisins are eaten.

Lechón is also a coveted dish and is eaten in places like Bolivia and Colombia. In Colombia, desserts such as custard, pancakes and rice pudding are also eaten. In Venezuela there is sweet milk and nougat.

most listened to Christmas carols

Among the most listened to Christmas songs in Latin America are My Burrito Sabanero, Huachito Torito,We, Nanita Nana, The fish in the river.

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