Food and health stores may only work until 12:00 noon in Cumaná

Food and health stores may only work until 12:00 noon in Cumaná
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Edwin Rojas, Governor of the Sucre state, ad that the food and health shops in Cumaná can only work until 12:00 noon.

The measure is met after the increase in cases of coronavirus in the eastern entity, where there are 109 people infected.

Pablo Terán, Secretary of Health of the Sucre state, specified that they are evaluating unconventional spaces “such as educational centers and public administration buildings to confine patients with covid-19”.

Disinfection in the municipal market

In addition to the restriction for shops in Cumaná, the government announced for this Friday the closure of the main market in the city, where they will hold a special cleaning day.

“Tomorrow (Friday) the municipal market of Cumaná will not open. We will carry out a disinfection day in this room, “he reported.

According to the Maduro regime, Sucre has 109 cases of coronavirus, of which 81 are in Cumaná, according to Rojas.

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