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Third Bonus I will stay at home: Bono 380 soles CHECK with ID if you are a beneficiary of the second part Bonus and how to collect the monetary subsidy | Midis | Economy


LINK Bonus I stay home 380 soles | As announced by the President of the Republic Martín Vizcarra, he second payment of the 380 soles voucher, aimed at households in poverty and extreme poverty during the pandemic of coronavirus, seeks to support the basic expenses of the most affected families after the state of emergency. The distribution of this monetary support started on the last May 1. The entity assigned to enable the web platform ‘‘ is he Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Between). In this way, citizens can check if they are included in the list of beneficiaries. According to said state entity, this subsidy it has benefited almost 90% of the target population.

The Government has estimated that 75% of Peruvian households would benefit from the subsidy. He 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ It is one of the four financial aids planned by the Peruvian government (Independent Bonus, Rural Bonus and Universal Family Bonus) to support different sectors of the population. Learn more about the process to withdraw the 380 soles in the following note.

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Check the second bond of 380 soles

The consultation platform to verify who are the beneficiaries of the second army of the 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ was enabled by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Between). To know if you are on the list, you just have to take into account some information that appears on your ID and enter the following LINK:

How to know if you are a beneficiary of the second 380 soles bonus

To be sure that you are beneficiary from second delivery of the 380 soles voucherI stay at home‘You must complete the following steps:

– Enter the web:

– Enter your DNI number and its issue date.

– Click on “I am not a robot”.

– Select the “Consult” option.

If you are listed as a beneficiary, the platform will automatically specify on what dates and what are the modalities to collect the second part of the Bonus ‘I stay home’.

380 Soles Bonus Platform ‘I stay home’. Photo: capture of the Midis platform.

LINK of the second bonus ‘I stay at home’ of 380 soles

To find out if you make the list of beneficiaries of the second army of the 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’, you must enter the LINK of the official website For this, you only need to carry your ID.

The payment date of the second bond of 380 soles

Payments of second 380 soles voucher ‘I stay home’ is already being done. According to him Emergency Decree 044-2020, may be charged up to 30 days after the end of the health emergency, which was extended until September. If you are a beneficiary, you must enter the official website and verify the information that appears.

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How to collect the second bonus of 380 soles

The financial entities authorized to pay the second Navy of the 380 soles Bond are Banco de la Nación, Interbank, BCP, Interbank, BBVA, Bank of Commerce and Metropolitan Fund. In addition, the delivery of 2nd Bonus ‘I stay home’ It will have four modalities:

– Deposit in account

– Electronic wallet

– Mobile banking

– Banking tour

In which banks can I collect the second 380 soles bond?

Banks authorized to pay the 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ in his second army they are Banco de la Nación, BCP, BBVA, Banco de Comercio and Interbank. Similarly, the Metropolitan Fund is also enabled.

The modalities in which the 380 soles voucher will be delivered

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) has enabled four payment methods in order to avoid crowds in banking entities. Find out below what they are:

– Deposit in the account of Banco de la Nación: the beneficiaries will be able to withdraw the money in any agent or ATM Multired.

– Interbank Tunki electronic wallet: Users must download the Tunki application on their cell phone and enable the electronic wallet that will allow them to collect the bonus.

– Cell banking of Banco de la Nación: Through the mobile banking of the financial institution, those who benefit will have to generate a code with which they can withdraw the money at any Multired ATM.

– Turn window: the people designated to collect this way can choose the department, province and district; as well as the closest bank (among the authorized ones) to your address.

How to withdraw the second bond of 380 soles

Those beneficiaries of second bond of 380 soles You can collect the money at Banco de la Nación, BCP, BBVA, Banco de Comercio, Caja Metropolitana or Interbank. In addition, choose one of the four modalities for withdrawal: deposit into an account at Banco de la Nación, Interbank’s Tunki electronic wallet, Banco de la Nación cell banking and money order assignment at the counter.

Until when can I collect the 380 soles bonus

As of May 1, the second installment of the 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ was enabled. According to him Emergency Decree 044-2020, It is monetary subsidy can be withdrawn until after 30 days of the end of the Coronavirus health emergency, extended until September 7.

Bonus I stay home Midis

He 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ was organized by the Between. The official platform for consultation to find out if you can access the Government’s monetary subsidy is

How to sign up for the second 380 soles voucher?

There is no registration for 380 soles voucher ‘I stay home’. The official registry was prepared with information from the Household Targeting System (SISFOH) and administered by the General Household Census (PGH).

Who are the beneficiaries of the second bond I stay at 380 soles

Approximately 2.7 million households are beneficiaries of the 380 soles “I stay at home” Bond. Those selected are the households that are in a condition of poverty and extreme poverty and, in addition, that are in a vulnerable situation due to the context of the coronavirus.

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Bono payment schedule I stay at 380 soles house

According to him Emergency Decree 044-2020, the Executive authorized the delivery of the second payment of the Bonus ‘I stay home’, as of May 1, 2020. According to the provision, the beneficiaries can withdraw the monetary subsidy up to 30 days after the end of the Coronavirus health emergency, ending in September.

What does the 380 soles voucher consist of? I stay at home

He 380 soles voucher ‘I stay at home’ is a monetary subsidy which aims to support families in poverty and extreme poverty. For this, the Government ordered its delivery in two navies, which adds a total payment of 760 soles.

Will there be a third Bonus of 380 soles?

To date, no new installment of expansion has been reported on the 380 soles bond. However, it is necessary to mention that Martín Vizcarra has been emphatic that an amount of 760 soles.

About collecting the second bond of 380 soles if you did not receive the first one

Households that did not manage to access the first S / 380 of the “I will stay at home” voucher will have priority and will receive a total of 760 soles in a single army. The people who are included in the register will know the payment method that corresponds to them by entering the page, where they confirmed if they were beneficiaries of the first payment of the urban bond.

All the bonds delivered by the Peruvian State 2020

The Executive has arranged four bonds, intended for 75% of Peruvian households. Thus, it is intended to financially support the most vulnerable families before the COVID-19 pandemic. Next, see if you are a beneficiary of any of the 760 soles subsidies through their online platforms:

Bonus 380 ‘I stay at home’:

Independent Bonus:

Rural bonus:

Universal Family Bonus:


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