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‘Flurona’ begins to appear in the US, patients tell their symptoms


Cases of ‘Flurona’ have sprung up in the United States. This dual infection of COVID-19 and influenza was initially discovered in Israel, because it was feared to trigger the severity of the disease.

In the US, influenza cases have recently increased again amid record COVID-19 cases. One of the patients in the US, the son of a man in North Carolina, Vaughn, initially developed irritation in his throat after celebrating Christmas.

Therefore, the father immediately took the child to the doctor. When the swab was taken, it turned out that the test results showed his child was exposed to COVID-19 and flu at the same time,

“They gave him a COVID swab, a flu swab, and then they did a second COVID swab if the rapid test was negative,” Vaughn told Fox News Digital.

“Well, they called back in 30 minutes and said it’s COVID-19 and the flu. They said they had never seen it before.”

Completely vaccinated

Vaughn’s son is known to have been fully vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine a month before contracting ‘Flurona’. As a result of being infected with two viruses at the same time, he was forced to lie in bed for two days with a very high fever of 102 degrees.

Fortunately, the son’s condition improved again after a week.

“(The doctors) had never seen it before and it was really scary for them. They were like, ‘Oh my God, what are we dealing with here?'” Vaughn said.

“This is the moment where parents really get to go to their darkest places.”

Vaughn was also feeling a little unwell, but he had just received the COVID-19 booster vaccine and only had a mild cough about a week later.

Another case

Jenny Fields, a Mississippi resident, said she started feeling sick in September and had a rapid antigen test. The test results came back negative, but his condition got so bad he decided to go to emergency treatment.

“He was getting worse and we had to take him to emergency care, and they said he tested positive for Corona and flu,” Daniel Fields, Jenny’s husband who took her to be tested, told Fox News Digital.

Fields provided documentation showing Jenny tested positive for COVID-19 and flu on September 19.

“I’m cold, body aches. I can barely get up from the couch,” Jenny, who said she wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19, told Fox News Digital.

Daniel, who was vaccinated, said he and the couple’s 14-year-old son also started feeling unwell, but recovered quickly after receiving monoclonal antibody treatment.

“It was the worst body pain I’ve ever had in my life,” says Daniel.

Dr Janak Patel, director at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said that three cases of ‘Flurona’ had been detected in the Houston area, according to KTRK.

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