Vaccination against influenza increases in Jalisco; know the benefits

The presence of respiratory diseases have become part of the equation during the winter season. This formula has forced the authorities to increasingly promote the culture of vaccination, especially in diseases that are here to stay, such as influenza which, since its presence in 2009, has represented the eighth cause of death in Mexico. The […]

This country reports its first flu-related death case

Jakarta – Peru’s Ministry of Health reports its first Flurona-related death. This case was experienced by an 87-year-old patient with comorbidities and was not vaccinated against COVID-19. This patient is one of three cases of Flurona detected in the Amazonas region, Northern Peru. This was conveyed by Cesar Munayco, a researcher at the National Center […]

‘Flurona’ begins to appear in the US, patients tell their symptoms

Jakarta – Cases of ‘Flurona’ have sprung up in the United States. This dual infection of COVID-19 and influenza was initially discovered in Israel, because it was feared to trigger the severity of the disease. In the US, influenza cases have recently increased again amid record COVID-19 cases. One of the patients in the US, […]

NYC experts warn of covid and flu amid Omicron wave – Telemundo New York (47)

The term ‘flurone’ refers to the combination of COVID-19 and influenza, something that is becoming more prevalent, especially during the Omicron wave, medical experts told our sister network NBC New York. The name says it all: Flurone is the unfortunate term for a patient who is simultaneously ill with COVID-19 and influenza. Earlier this week, […]

‘Flurona’: Diseases That Can Be Prevented With Influenza and Covid-19 Vaccines

Flurona, aka the flu case simultaneously with Covid-19, was experienced by a pregnant woman in Israel. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Double infection or can be called co-infection Covid-19 and the flu discovered in Israel have given rise to the term “flurona”. Previously coinfection had sparked concern during the months, especially in winter. This condition can become […]

The Combo of ‘Flurona’, how common is the Influenza and Corona Virus Combo?

Jakarta – The outbreak of the Omicron variant has not been resolved yet, now there is a commotion about the finding of the ‘Flurona’ case, which is infected with a combination of the influenza virus and the Corona virus. The case was found in a 30-year-old woman who was pregnant, undergoing treatment at Rabin Medical […]

Florona Cases Combined with Flu and Corona, How Often Does This Happen?

Jakarta – Recently, the public was excited by the appearance of Florona, a combined infection with the flu and Corona which was first discovered in Israel. It is known that the first Florona case attacked a pregnant woman who had not received a COVID-19 vaccination. Dr Edsel Salvana, a member of the technical expert team […]