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Florida businessman arrested for spending federal COVID-19 aid on a Lamborghini


An entrepreneur in Florida He was arrested for using money intended to alleviate those affected by the pandemic to buy a sports car Lamborghini Hurricane for $ 318,000, among other luxuries, according to court documents.

David Hinesresident of Miami The 29-year-old raised $ 3.9 million from a federal fund designed to help small businesses pay wages and overcome the vicissitudes imposed by the global pandemic. coronavirus.

However, he used the funds for “personal expenses at online dating sites, luxury jewelry and clothing and a hotel in Miami Beach. He also spent the funds buying a sports Lamborghini for $ 318,497.53, “says the criminal indictment.

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Hines He declared that he would use the money to pay the salaries of employees who did not really exist, according to the document of the federal prosecutor of the South of Florida July 23, but released this week.

He is accused of bank fraud and false testimony to a credit institution, among other charges.

Federal loans, called Paycheck Protection Program (salary check protection program), are part of the law CARES approved in March to assist millions of Americans plagued by the economic crisis.

Hines He was arrested Monday and released on $ 100,000 bail. You are required to use an electronic anklet.

Two weeks ago, a resident of Los Angeles, on the other side of the country, was arrested for using part of the 9 million he obtained through this federal program to gamble on Las Vegas.

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