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Battletoads comes to Xbox by surprise on August 20

Battletoads comes to Xbox by surprise on August 20. It has been 26 years since the last installment of the franchise created by Rare It reached the market, and today Microsoft has confirmed that in less than three weeks we will be able to enjoy the new Battletoad, which this time will be developed by Dlala Studios, although it has the support of Rare.

After the cameos of the “Toads” in games like Killer Instict or Shovel Knight, Microsoft announced the existence of a new game in the franchise during E3 2018 to the surprise of many. Despite the fact that the company has not released as much information as many users could expect since its announcement, today it has surprised everyone by announcing that Battletoads comes to Xbox by surprise on August 20.


Through its official YouTube channel, Rare has shared the video that has revealed the release date of Battletoads and where we have been able to see small fragments of gameplay of the game. Also, through the Xbox blog it has been announced that Xbox Game Pass members can now pre-install the game on consoles or PC, in order to be able to play Battletoads from the first day.

The company has ensured that Play Studios It has managed to maintain the original spirit of the saga, even though it has been so long since the last game in it. The game will offer a beat ’em up experience, platforms and races that will demand the most reflex from the players. In addition, the game will have the characteristic sense of humor of the late 90s, one of the characteristic elements of the franchise and that since Dlala they have wanted to maintain.

Battletoads It will be available on August 20 for Xbox One and PC.

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