flippo Baskets BG 74 take points from Freiburg to Göttingen

The flippo Baskets scored a 72:59 away win in Freiburg on matchday 18 in the women’s basketball league. The team of head coach Goran Lojo, who overtook the kingfishers with this victory in the table, had to tremble about the direct comparison until the last second after the 71:82 defeat in the first leg in December.


The flippo baskets, who had set off for the Breisgau early in the morning at around 8 a.m., showed no signs of travel strain in the first quarter. The first lead of the encounter took place a few seconds after the start of the game with a successful three-point throw by Ruzica Dzankic, which was staged by Jenny Crowder. The good start continued after the response from the Freiburg women when Göttingen pulled away through Ivana Blazevic and Riley Lupfer to 7-2 (3rd). In the initial phase there was hardly any time to take a deep breath. The first points from Freiburg’s Cassidy Boensch were followed less than ten seconds later by the next points from Crowder. Göttingen’s defense looked very well adjusted to the dangerous Freiburg throwers Daneesha Provo and Pauline Meyer. Provo made her first point off the free-throw line just seconds before the end of the first quarter. Substitute Viki Karambatsa and again Crowder, who had already reached their average of the season with seven assists after ten minutes of play, made it 25:11 (10th) after the first part of the game.

At the beginning of the second quarter, coach Goran Lojo’s team started without a crowd, but Sandra Azinovic got her first minutes in the game. Without the German national player, however, the intensity of the defense as well as the structure and calm on the ball in the build-up of the game were missing. After a break of around two minutes, Crowder came back into the game to immediately take command again. After foul play, the girl from Göttingen scored the first points for her team from the free throw line. With a successful threesome by Meyer and a little later five points in a row from Provo, Freiburg further reduced the gap. The answer came straight away through a threesome from Riley Lupfer, with which the flippo baskets took off again (30: 22/15). As at the beginning of the game, this phase was again characterized by high speed on both sides.

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They had reason to cheer: the flippo Baskets BG 74 in Freiburg


Even if Lojo was overall very satisfied with the performance in defense at half time, the rebound behavior of his team was again to be criticized. Ten offensive rebounds for Freiburg (compared to five at Göttingen) gave the hosts many second chances, which masked Freiburg’s weaker hit rate (30 percent, Göttingen 40 percent).

After the break, it took a few minutes before both teams found their rhythm. Led by Pauline Meyer, who pushed her team forward with two successful three-pointers and a spectacular block against Lupfer in a three-point attempt, the hosts reduced the gap again. For the guests, however, Lupfer found the right answer a little later with their next three. With a total of 18 points, the American was once again the most successful thrower that afternoon for the Göttingen women. As the game progressed, the defense of the flippo baskets became more concentrated again and thus forced the kingfishers to make some emergency throws. After a successful conclusion by Samantha Roscoe, the guests went with a twelve-point lead into the final quarter (57: 45/30.).

Even if this lead seemed reassuring at first, it was still important for the flippo Baskets to keep an eye on the direct comparison after the first leg defeat. Freiburg started again energetically with the offensive rebound at the beginning of the final quarter, but throughout the game the kingfishers missed too many of these second opportunities from close range. Like last Wednesday in the home game against Marburg, it was again Viki Karambatsa who caused important rebounds and points in this quarter. Only the Greek national player and a little later Dzankic achieved six successful free throws in a row. In the last few minutes the teams could see the high intensity of the game. Ball losses on both sides ensured that the encounter should remain exciting until the last second. With a wide three-point, Provo shortened the gap to eleven points after a Freiburg break. However, for the answer and the great cheers on the part of the flippo Baskets, Samantha Roscoe ensured her team with her successful throw 0.3 seconds before the end of the game.

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Managing director Richard Crowder was just as proud: “That was my first victory as the person in charge of the flippo Baskets in Freiburg.” His daughter Jenny also played well, with 13 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in her second triple-double in the end Just missed the season. – flippo Baskets: Blazevic (8 points / 5 rebounds / 0 assists), Roscoe (15/10/1), Oevermann (dnp), Crowder (13/7/9), Azinovic (0/2/0), Karambatsa ( 10/3/0), Wenke (dnp), Lupfer (18/5/1), Dzankic (8/2/3), Kentzler (dnp).

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