Flag of Mississippi fix without gel

There will definitely be no gel integrated as an element on the new flag of the US state of Mississippi. The Ministry of Archives and History (MDAH) announced yesterday that a draft with the blood-sucking insect had entered the second round through the selection process, but that it happened on the basis of an error, as the MDAH announced via Twitter.

Typo made the Gelsen flag rise

The statement said that a member of the commission due to submit a proposal by September had made a typo in the list of proposals. When the error was discovered, the mosquito flag was removed from the gallery of the second round that had already been published, as the statement said.

Almost 3,000 designs submitted

Almost 3,000 designs were submitted in the first round of the selection process. 147 proposals have now been selected by the commission. In the previous flag of Mississippi, the Confederate flag was integrated in the form of a square in the upper left corner. At the end of June, both houses of Parliament in Mississippi voted with a large majority in favor of a change.

Mississippi was the last remaining US state to officially use the symbolism of the Southern Confederation of the 19th century. The southern states fought in vain for the preservation of slavery in the civil war with the north from 1861 to 1865. The southern troops went into battle under the Confederate flag – a blue diagonal cross decorated with stars on a red background.

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