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Fits 4 People, Many Sophisticated Features


Wuling Motors (Wuling) has officially announced the estimated price of its newest electric car, Wuling Air ev, which is in the range of Rp. 250 to Rp. 300 million. Along with this moment, also shown the interior design of the Air ev. Wuling’s first electric car, which will be marketed soon in the country, applies a compact and modern design style combined with leading innovations.

“We continue our commitment to continue to innovate in providing a better life for the people of Indonesia. For this reason, today we present the interior design of Wuling’s first electric vehicle for Indonesia, the Air ev. the interactive aspect of this vehicle,” said Wuling Motors’ Brand & Marketing Director, Dian Asmahani in his official statement.



Wuling Air ev Photo: Doc. Wuling Motors

The interior appearance of Wuling Air ev applies modern concepts and technologies that highlight aspects of future vehicles. This is supported by the use of the Intelligent Tech Dashboard on the front which combines futuristic panels and knobs and a wide interface screen. On this dashboard, there is also a Multifunction Steering Wheel with the silver Wuling logo equipped with audio and menu operation buttons.

In the Intelligent Tech Dashboard sector, Wuling presents a touch of sophistication through the Integrated Floating Wide Screen. This section consists of a 10.25″ head unit and a 10.25″ meter cluster. The sophisticated and innovative design is highlighted by the presence of a large screen on the dashboard.

Wuling Air evWuling Air ev Photo: Doc. Wuling Motors

Not only that, the entertainment system on the head unit is also equipped with internet connectivity so that users can access a variety of entertainment that makes traveling more enjoyable.

Then the cabin of Wuling Air ev puts forward the feel of comfort with a minimalist panel design on the door trim and a spacious 4-seater configuration with a 50:50 setting on the second row bench to provide more access. The comfort aspect is also supported by the application of Synthetic Leather Seats on all benches.

There is also a cup holder located right in front of the AC grille which keeps the temperature of the passenger’s drinks cold on the way. In addition, Air ev is equipped with several compartments that can be used by passengers for luggage storage.

The Wuling Air EV Electric Car Can Be OrderedWuling Air ev Photo: Doc. Wuling

In addition, the implementation of modern and futuristic concepts is also contained in the display of the center console. In this section, the Rotary Gear Selector is present as a transmission operator with a futuristic rotary knob decorated with chrome rings and a unique pattern around it. In addition, the center console of this vehicle is also equipped with electric window operation buttons, Electric Parking Brake, and Auto-Vehicle Holding.

Previously, the exterior area of ​​the Wuling Air ev with the Future Tech style was officially shown to the public in early June at Central Park, Jakarta. There are five color choices available for Wuling Air ev, namely peach pink, pristine white, galaxy blue, avocado green, and lemon yellow.

Wuling Air ev . electric carWuling Air ev electric car Photo: Doc. Wuling

Price of Wuling Air ev

Wuling Air ev can be ordered in Indonesia since Monday (11/7) yesterday.

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