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Fisker Electric Cars Facing Bankruptcy, Offers Massive Discounts Up to $24,000 on Ocean Model

The US electric car manufacturer Fisker, which is facing bankruptcy, has announced huge discounts on its products, which in some cases reach 24,000 dollars.

Danish expert Henrik Fisker is a talented builder, but not a very successful businessman. The businessman has been in big trouble several times and the recent events are once again starting to talk about bankruptcy.

In early spring, the first information about Fisker’s problems appeared, followed by news about the manufacturer’s discussions about cooperation and help from large car concerns (for example, Nissan), but the result was negative and the manufacturer was making an electric car in an emergency. .

In order to improve the situation at least temporarily and to be able to settle with creditors, Henrik Fisker’s company has announced a serious price reduction for its only Ocean model.

The base Sport is down to $24,999 ($14,000 discount), the mid-level Ultra now costs $34,999 ($18,000 discount), and the top-of-the-line Extreme is priced at $37,499 – a $24,000 discount !

This has caused anger among Fisker customers, because they bought their car at a different price, they are still paying loans to the bank, in addition to this, there is concern that their cars being left without warranty and service support. For this reason, experts recommend not buying Fisker Ocean, even at such a favorable time.

Fisker Ocean is manufactured at Austria’s Magna plant in Graz. In the European market, the twin-engine 415 kW (564 hp) Ocean Extreme costs around 61,000 euros.

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