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First results of AP study on smart cities announced

The AP maps out how municipalities deal with the privacy of residents and visitors when processing personal data with sensors and other technologies in public space. A large group of municipalities provided information.

What researchers notice is that there is a big difference between large and smaller municipalities. “Large municipalities are clearly already a step further with smart city applications and have often drawn up specific policies or frameworks with which these applications must comply. Smaller municipalities seem to use only a few ‘smart’ applications,” says one of the involved researchers.


The AP drew up a number of recommendations during the investigation. Collaboration is also a point of attention. “Municipalities often operate not only in smart city applications. The AP therefore recommends clearly identifying who is responsible for what in partnerships,” said the AP.

Fighting coronavirus

Municipalities also use applications in public spaces to combat the coronavirus. When enforcing safety rules, for example. The AP refers to the strict conditions that apply. Improper movements of persons entail great privacy risks. “Therefore, it should only be necessary if it is absolutely necessary, it will have an effect on fighting the virus and less drastic measures cannot be taken.”

The AP expects to publish the results of the study after the summer.

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