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First Look Poster Revealed for Bala’s ‘Vanankan’: Suriya Withdraws as Lead Actor

The first look poster of ‘Vanankan’ directed by Bala starring Arun Vijay is here. This is a film that started with Suriya as the lead actor. But later Suriya withdrew from this film. The reason for Suriya’s withdrawal was some changes made by Bala in the script. Bala himself explained this through social media and came forward.

“I wanted to direct a new film called Vanankan with my brother Suriya. But due to some changes in the story, now I have doubts that this story will suit Suriya. Surya has full faith in me and this story. It is also my duty as a brother that I should not cause even the slightest embarrassment to my younger brother who has so much love, respect and trust. Both of us discussed and unanimously decided that Suriya will withdraw from the film ‘Vanankan’. I felt very sad about it, but it was a decision made in my best interest. Another moment will definitely join us like the Surya I saw in ‘Nanda’ and the Surya I saw in ‘Pitamahaani’. Otherwise, the shooting of ‘Vanankan’ will continue. Bala wrote on Twitter.

Such is the climax of the film where Suriya and director Bala come together after 18 years. The two finally met at Pitamahan.

Meanwhile, Vanankan will be Arun Vijay’s biggest acting role so far. Roshni Prakash is the heroine. The other stars are Samudratkani and Mishkin. Music by G.V. Prakash.

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