Fireworks Federation shows the difference between legal and illegal fireworks with demonstration

According to the Fireworks Federation, a demonstration is needed because the media, politicians, aid workers and mayors have created an incorrect image of legal fireworks. “They legally associate bang fireworks with the problems at the turn of the year while this picture is incorrect,” the federation said.

At a safe distance from the public, a certified pyrotechnician lights up four pieces of legal fireworks and two pieces of illegal fireworks. Among the legal stuff are a cannon blow with 2.5 grams of gunpowder – ‘the hardest legal stunner in the Netherlands’ – and a Chinese role with 50,000 shots and 398 grams of gunpowder.

The prohibited bangers are a Chinese roll of 50,000 shots with 240 grams of flash powder and a Cobra with 6.28 grams of flash powder. Both species are considered dangerous. An explanation will be given during the demonstration.

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