Fires loose at the daughter

It is no secret that the Swedish influencer Bianca Ingrosso (25) has decorated the look its on several occasions. She has so far been very open with her followers about this, which has not always been received as well.

Bianca has found herself forced to defend her decisions about both, but now it’s her mother, Pernilla Wahlgren (52), who fires at his daughter.

– End

The latter is not very happy that the 25-year-old is changing her appearance, and is trying to get her to quit.

In a new episode of the family’s reality show, “Wahlgrens Värld”, Pernilla believes that the daughter must stop taking fillers in her lips, according to Expressen.

The 25-year-old, who is among Sweden’s biggest influencers, points out that fillers disappear within half a year, an explanation the mother does not buy.

RELATIONSHIP: Through the series “The world of Wahlgren”, one has gained insight into the lives of daughter Bianca Ingrosso and mother Pernilla Wahlgren. But their relationship has not always been as good as it is today. Now they tell what changed that. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Thea Hope / Dplay / Red Carpet
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– Yes, and when it has expired can stop, says Pernilla.

Instead of taking her mother’s advice, Bianca believes that Pernilla should also fix her appearance.

– No, you could also add a little, you can hardly see your upper lip, says the 25-year-old in the episode.

– Disgusting people

As mentioned, Pernilla is not the only one who thinks Bianca has started to go a little too far when it comes to her appearance, and fans have recently pointed out that she no longer looks like herself.

“How weird she looks… what’s happened to her face?” A fan asked in late September, when Bianca shared a photo of herself.

“You look completely swollen in the face,” wrote another, before a third wrote:

“But my God, how different you are from yourself in this picture! First thought that someone was trying to look like you ».

The contractor still received support from some, who thought that she might have just used the make-up brush a little too much.

“For some disgusting people who are in the comments field,” commented one follower.

“Seriously, people. Stop believing that you have the right to comment on other people’s appearance. She is a wonderful young woman and does not deserve this behavior! (Shame on you!) », It was said in a comment from another supportive voice.

– So damn frustrated

That she repeatedly receives criticism for the interventions is something Bianca has previously expressed that she does not understand.

– I get so damn frustrated at this here, people who complain about the interventions I have made, she said in a video on Youtube according to Expressen, and continued:

– I would have understood it one hundred percent if I looked unnatural, but do I do it? Have I made my lips excessively large? No. We can I like to take a look at a picture of what I looked like before, my lips did not exist. I had a lip, but it went the wrong way.

GET REFS: Bianca Ingrosso recently shared a video on YouTube where she and several other Swedish influencers partyed, danced and hugged each other. Now she gets a slap in the face from the Swedish government.
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