Krieger on the possible play of Hall and Aikela in one shift: It could be fatal…

Taylor Hall | Photo: NHL

National Hockey Leagues (NHL) Ralf Krieger, the head coach of the Buffalo “Sabers” team, commented NHL the attraction of the light Taylor Hall to the composition.

It will already be reported that the first issue of the 2010 draft and the 2017/18 joined the Sabers unexpectedly. Hall’s most valuable player of the year. A contract with the 28-year-old striker has been signed for one season – he will earn eight million dollars in it.

“It is a great feeling to be aware that two elite attackers from our team will attack the opponents’ goal. It could be fatal, ”Krieger is quoted as saying on the club’s website.

Hol and Krieger formed a relationship in hockey 10 years ago, when Krieger was one of the Edmonton Oilers coaches, but Hall began his NHL career on the team. “I already saw in his face that the coach wants me on the team. It’s a good feeling when you realize you’re welcome. ”

Hall also commented on the play with another NHL star, Jack Aikel. “He is without a doubt the best hockey player on the team. His presence in Buffalo will definitely give us a chance to compete in the “play-off” tournament next season – the main thing is to build a team around them with the right hockey players and the right attitude. “

Meanwhile, Sabers’ general manager Kevin Adams said that a one-year contract with a hockey player could turn into a long-term cooperation in the future. “This does not mean that we only want him for one season. We believe that Hall is the hockey player who will then want a long-term cooperation that will be mutually beneficial. ”

With the addition of Hall, Sabers has significantly strengthened its line-up. Together with Jack Aikel, he is expected to be the main driving force of the team next season. It also raises hopes that Buffalo will qualify for the Stanley Cup for the first time since 2011.

Last season, playing for the New Jersey Devils and Arizona Coyotes, Hall excelled in 52 games with 52 (16 + 36) points.

He began his NHL career in Edmonton’s Oilers, where Hall spent six seasons, four of which were assistant captains. This was followed by a three-and-a-half season in New Jersey and a half-season in Arizona. Now he has opened a new page in his career, going to Sabers and becoming a member of Zemg Girgenson’s team.

During his career, he scored 563 (218 + 345) points in a total of 627 games in the NHL.

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