“Firefighters Help Deliver Baby at Home in Plan-de-la-Tour – A Story of Courage and Community”

Her singular adventure begins on May 4, the eve of the big day, when she feels small contractions. “For motherhood, my body was just starting to work and there was nothing to worry about “, says the mother.

The parents go to bed, as do their children, Axel, 12 years old, Gwendoline 9 years old and Gabriel 5 years old. But around midnight, the mother feels new contractions. By telephone, an employee of the maternity ward advises him to take a bath.

After a brief moment of relief, Marie-Vanessa feels that “it was gone. The contractions were getting painful. I asked Julien to bring his parents from Toulon to watch the children and to call the fire brigade: the baby would arrive at the house “.

The start of a marathon

Then begins a marathon for the dad, who must support his wife, go downstairs regularly to reassure the children impressed by the cries of the mother and watch for the arrival of the firefighters! “ I don’t know how many round trips I made“, recalls Julien.

During these long minutes, the parents remain suspended at the arrival of the firefighters, in particular the mother: “ The baby was in the basin. I felt very alone when my husband went to pick up the men on the way, while I could hear the concern of the children downstairs. But they were brave and didn’t come up“.

The arrival of help is a relief, especially since chance has done things well, because the firefighters on call that day are Michaël Richefeu and Vivian Carrion, a nurse by profession. “When we arrived at Les Pierrons, at 3:35 a.m., we imagined an intervention like any other, remembers the latter. For us, it was only a matter of transporting a woman in labor to the hospital. “.

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But when they arrive, another scenario emerges: “It took us 20-30 minutes to reach the house, as it is far from the village “..

From the top of his 22 years, the nurse by profession gives himself courage: “We are used to interventions, but deliveries, we fly over them in formation. I said to myself: you manage. But while I was saying “breathe, breathe”, I tried to remember my lessons, while asking the center to prepare the resuscitation equipment, if necessary. ».

In one contraction

Luckily, everything is going well: “My wife is also a nurse continues Julian, so she anticipated by preparing the bed and the mattress pads. When the firefighters arrived, in a single contraction appeared the head, the hair, then the baby!

After the moments of anguish when Marie-Vanessa imagined all the scenarios, even the worst, the arrival of the firefighters, then of the baby is a huge relief: “Once the baby came out, I went from anxiety to “phew!”. Léa cried out and immediately turned pink. In a few seconds, my feeling completely changed. And I said thank you Thank you!It arrived so fast ».

If the emotion naturally embraces the whole family, including the children who have finally been able to discover their little sister, the moment is particularly moving for the firefighters, including Vivian, not yet a dad. “I am still young. At the time, we do not shed a tear because we are still in tension and the concern for good gestures, but when I saw the parents arrive at the maternity ward the next day in Gassin, there, I cracked“.

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A special relationship was born between the young firefighter and this family “ He shared our intimacy, he gave birth to our daughter. That evening, we also discovered that our granddaughter knew him from extracurricular, because he is the friend of his instructor.“. The story is only in its infancy, because the parents have promised to give regular news of Léa to Vivian and to go and visit the men of the rescue center with the whole family.

Three pure plantourian babies

While it hadn’t happened in 17 years, Léa is the third baby born in Plan-de-la-Tour since 2020. For the first two, it was a desire of the mothers to give birth at home. “For Léa, it was more improvisedsays dad Julien. Especially since we arrived four months ago from Reunion. Suffice to say that thanks to Léa, we are completely integrated into the village!”

The mayor received this lovely family this Saturday at the town hall with the brave firefighters Michaël Richefeu and Vivian Carron. In three years, three babies were born in the village in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and bear the names of respectively. Leon, Leon and Lea. The forecasts are launched for 2024.

Léa Visa was born on May 5, 2023 in the hamlet of Pierrons.
Léon Codeluppi was born on July 27, 2020 in Vallaury.
Léon Everaert was born on March 8, 2021 in the new district. (Ph. DR).

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