“Denisa Nesvačilová: Her New Relationship and Potential Love Triangle with Lukáš Burian”

From the separation with Petr Kolečekwho married secretly Anetu Vignerovou (35) and Denise thrust the ball into the back, the beauty, who shone for example in the series Dobrá ráno, has already knocked. She recently admitted that she definitely did not resent the man and added a few points that her new partner should meet.

Zeman takes stock: Boredom, provocation. Blood and police at Kolečka with a lover! And Lavrov laughs

“I like men – when they’re well behaved, smart and funny, when they can act like gentlemen,” she spoke in an interview with CNN Prima News. And maybe she already found one.

People around the actress are talking about the spark between her and actor Lukáš Burian (44). They were supposed to get closer at the Radka Theatre Brzobohatý, where they also edited several love scenes as part of the script. The problem, however, is that Burian has been living with Anna Kulanova for some time. Unsophisticated thus putting himself at risk of becoming a link in a love triangle again.

Petr Kolečko and Denisa Nesvačilová: How are they together?

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