Fiorello’s Winning Bionomist Show: Political Satire Award and More

Fiorello’s Winning Bionomist Show: Political Satire Award and More

Fiorello e Long live Rai 2 I am a winning bionomist. The showman received the Political Satire Award Forte dei Marmi for the character and his show the Program of the Year Award. At Franceschi’s hut Fabrizio Biggio, Florentine actor and presenter, face of the cult program Viva Rai2! alongside the well-known showman, he presented the award to Fiorello who did not miss the opportunity to be ironic.

Guest at the 51st Political Satire Award in Forte dei Marmi, where he received the special recognition of character of the year, the showman Fiorello wanted to entertain the public with a joke about the prime minister, Giorgia Meloniand not only…

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Fiorello jokes about Giorgia Meloni

The showman joked with the public about the news that appeared in the newspapers relating to the period in which the premier Meloni once babysat her Daughter. «No Barbie, she made her play with Lego. She was obsessed with construction, she built large … square buildings”, said the showman, alluding to the architectural style in vogue under fascism. Then he received his prize right from the hands of his daughter Angelica. But she doesn’t end there.

«You have read about the history of manager Rai under blackmail from an escort? And we are not on air with Viva Rai 2.” She said this making it clear that he may have missed an opportunity to satirise the story. Then “I asked how old the new CEO was – he continued with Fiorello’s jokes – because the manager in question is 66 years old, but his age does not correspond to that of the CEO”.

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Finally, a joke about General Vannacci’s book which is causing so much discussion these days. «General Vannacci actually didn’t write a very successful book, but a trilogy and tonight I’ll reveal the titles of the next two: ‘My best friend is gay’ and ‘Non-EU citizens do the jobs we don’t want to do'” .

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