Finland and United States Sign Joint Statement on Cooperation in 6G to Counter Chinese Technology

Finland and the United States on Friday (June 2) signed a joint statement on cooperation in 6G communications in Helsinki, marking a response from the “free world against Chinese technology.

The agreement was signed by Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (Greens) and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“In collaboration with their allies and partners”the United States will mobilize “hundreds of billions of dollars to finance high-quality infrastructure in the countries that need it most”Mr. Blinken said.

These infrastructures will be built “transparently”he added.

Cooperation between Finland and the United States in the field of scientific research, standardization and technological development aims to “to create a common global approach towards sustainable, competitive, secure, reliable and vendor-neutral 6G technologies”can we read in the official statement.

Addressing Helsingin sanomat newspaper in a major interview, Mr. Haavisto did not shy away from mentioning China — a mention omitted from the official statement, however, which focuses instead on cooperation between the United States and Finland.

The United States and Finland want a 6G system “democratic, transparent and respectful of human rights”said Mr. Haavisto.

China is an important trading partner for both the United States and Finland, but we have witnessed these negative dependencies, especially throughout the coronavirus crisis”he added.

For his part, Risto EJ Penttilä, CEO of Nordic West Office, an international business think tank and consultancy, underlined the global scope of the agreement.

“6G is part of NATO’s overall strategy and vision for the future. According to this strategy, the free world and democracies must have reliable technology and a reliable 6G network”he said, noting that this technology “can be provided by Finns and Swedes, meaning there would be no need to rely on Chinese technology.

“It is part of the big global game between China and the United States, in which Finland and Sweden will have an important role to play”a conclu M. Penttilä.

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2023-06-05 04:59:51

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