A young person collides with a car while fleeing the police

A 17-year-old without a license was driving a car with stolen license plates in Düsseldorf-Friedrichstadt. His escape from a police check ended on the wall in the Rheinufer tunnel.

On Thursday afternoon, a car driver tried to evade a traffic control at significantly excessive speed. On his escape, the 17-year-old driver collided with an uninvolved vehicle. He does not have a valid driver’s license and the vehicle had stolen license plates.

At 2:25 p.m., police officers wanted to check a Mercedes on Kruppstrasse. The driver noticed the stop signs and accelerated his vehicle. While fleeing from the police, he collided with the Dacia of a 56-year-old woman on Corneliusstrasse. Then he continued his journey undeterred, ignoring several red lights. In the Rheinufertunnel he finally lost control of his vehicle and hit the tunnel wall.

After a short escape, the officers were able to catch him on foot. The police estimate the damage to property at 3000 euros. Nobody got hurt. The officers wrote a criminal complaint and seized the car.

While the traffic accident recording team from the police was securing the traces of the accident, the Rhine bank tunnel was temporarily closed. After all police measures were completed, the police handed the 17-year-old into the care of his legal guardians. The investigation continues.


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