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Fingertips, the very sensitive part of the skin at the fingertips

KOMPAS.com – God has created the human body very perfectly. All parts of the body have the function of their respective uses to assist humans in carrying out daily life.

One of the most influential parts is the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. They cover the body from head to toe allowing us to touch, feel and interact with the outside world.

But you know, there is one part of the skin that is very sensitive and can feel more accurately than others? His name fingertips or fingertip we.

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Reported Science Alert, Sunday (21/3/2021) a new study has revealed how receptive the sensory neurons in our fingers are.

Scientists found that humans can detect touch on a very small scale through just one ridge fingerprint.

Sensory neurons attached to receptors dotted just below the surface of the skin, allowing us to detect touch, vibration, pressure, pain, and so on.

In fact, our own hands contain tens of thousands of neurons and each of them has a receptor on a small surface area of ​​the skin called the receptive field.

The researchers conducted the study by tying the arms of 12 healthy people and attaching their nails to a plastic holder to ensure they couldn’t move.

Then the machine moved small, 0.4 millimeter-wide cones about 7 mm apart across their skin to record the response of each neuron using electrodes on the participants’ arms.

By calculating the detection area of ​​sensory neurons and mapping it to fingerprints, researchers found that the width of the detection area is equivalent to the width of one fingerprint ridge.

The investigators reported that the sensitivity of the subfields setting for the two neuron types averaged the corresponding 0.4 millimeter spatial period.

This provides evidence that the spatial selectivity of the subfields arises because the receptor organ measuring mechanical events is limited to a single papillary ridge.

photo" data-photolink="http://www.kompas.com/sains/image/2021/03/23/120200223/fingertips-bagian-kulit-sangat-sensitif-yang-ada-di-ujung-jari?page=2" style="max-width: 100%;width:780px">tomodaji Hand finger illustration-

Uniquely, this is the first study to show that fingerprints help us more accurately perceive the world around us.

“We have all those dual spots and each respond with a 0.4 millimeter breakdown and that is the approximate width of the ridge of the fingerprint,” said Jarocka.

Then, the brain processes and receives all that information and this discovery really explains how it is possible that we can be so agile and highly sensitive at our fingertips.

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Function fingertips

Reported Mental Floss, fingertips has several outstanding functions including:

  1. Can speak directly to the brain
  2. Feeling Every Eyelash
  3. Interpreting Vibration
  4. Moving Without Muscles
  5. Move Harmoniously With Each Other
  6. Communicating (usually done for sign language)
  7. Identify yourself by fingerprint

Our fingers don’t look like powerhouses or anything else out of the ordinary. but they turn out to be able to do some extraordinary things that we didn’t expect.

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