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“Finding a Credit Provider Despite a Bad Schufa Score: Seeking Recommendations”

Good evening, I am looking for a credit provider who will not reject me despite my bad Schufa score.

Before that, it should be said that the score is obviously bad, since I have completed many short installment payments with, among other things, small amounts in the last few months. A bank advisor explained to me that the score is going down because of all the financing inquiries that I have made in the last few months. I have never defaulted on payments or anything like that. It was just more comfortable for me to spread the purchases over 3 or 6 months. Now I’m smarter.

I need the loan to buy my first car. After I passed the driver’s license and then went to the bank, I was told the above. I’ve been to 3 banks in total, none of them want to give me a loan.

My idea was also to take a little more money than I would need for the car to pay off my remaining installments and save some more interest. I currently have 5 installments running, for which I pay around €400 a month. Everything would have been paid off by the end of the year anyway.

The situation is very uncomfortable for me right now. I am employed and earn an average of €2100 net per month, a loan would not actually be a problem for me.

For me it is also quite incomprehensible that the banks pay so much attention to the score. I don’t have any negative entries at all, I always pay and make good money. Apparently nobody cares.

In any case, there are many providers on the Internet who promise you a loan without Schufa etc. But I’m very careful with that.

So I would be happy if someone could give me a recommendation as to whether there are reputable providers.

Best regards

2023-05-27 17:46:19
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