Find out what weather conditions are expected in Monday – Latvia

On Sunday, thunderstorms will rain and thunder in many places in Vidzeme and elsewhere in the eastern part of the country, according to meteorological information.

Also on Monday, short-term rain and thunderstorms are possible in some places in Latvia – mainly in Latgale and Vidzeme. On average, sunny weather is expected, weather forecasters predict.

A slow to moderate north, northwest wind will blow, during the day it will intensify in gusts up to 8-13 meters per second.

The minimum night air temperature will be +12 .. + 19 degrees. The maximum daily temperature is expected from +21 degrees on the coast to +29 degrees in the southeast of the country.

A small amount of clouds is expected in Riga on Monday, without precipitation. North, northwest wind will increase in gusts to 11 meters per second during the day. The air temperature at night will be +19 degrees, in the suburbs it will drop to +14 .. + 18 degrees; during the day the air warms up to +24 degrees, by the sea – up to +21 degrees.

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