Vulnerable in action against the desire for flexibility: We are #GeenDorHout

A massive protest is going on on social media from and for people who run serious risks of possible contamination with corona. Under the hashtag #NoDorWout explain to those affected what corona and life mean to them. The messages are a response to one opinion article in Trouw by epidemiologist Sander Borgsteede, in which he criticizes the attitude of the cabinet and the behavior of the population. Borgsteede states that neglect of the measures against corona leads to the virus advancing and the government more or less tolerates it.

Our government will have to make a choice. A half-hearted tolerance policy is unwise: when many people ignore the measures, they undermine the effectiveness for the others who do restrict their freedoms. Without strong intrinsic motivation, as in the first wave, a lot of attention is needed to maintain the 1.5 meter society. When the government decides with advancing insight that the social costs are too high, a more flexible policy can be implemented. With more freedoms and more corona damage.

At the same time, Volkskrant Magazine cleared pages this weekend to give the floor to Marianne Zwagerman, the former Telegraaf employee and opinion maker who has long complained that protecting the vulnerable has too high a price for her happiness in life. She tweeted in April, “The dry wood is being cut, perhaps a few months earlier than without the virus. Should everyone who is still in the prime of their life sacrifice everything for that? ”

The choice of media to put this life-threatening discussion on the agenda prompted 38-year-old Jacquie to make an appeal. “I think if you all keep talking about allowing high-risk groups to die, then you should look at the faces and / or stories of those you want to sacrifice. I start. My name is Jacquie, I am 38 years old, partner is ten years old and I am 4 cats and I am #GeenDorHout ”

Opposite the NOS explained them:

“In recent months I have read a lot of these kinds of statements in articles and heard on TV. If it were only two articles by Marianne Zwagerman, I would not have started this. They also talk about me and my friends, many of whom are at risk. They are all young people. When people say that my friends are allowed to die, I find that difficult. ”

The call for compassion unleashed an unprecedented stream of reactions from fellow sufferers and their allies.

Jacquie states that she never expected such a response and that she is glad that the potential victims of relaxation and negligence are given such a face.

On Sunday morning, Marianne Zwagerman, who has turned the cause of fuss into a revenue model, also responded to the campaign. In the style that is her trademark:

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