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“Financial Times”: The fortune of Russian dollar billionaires has exceeded a third of the country’s GDP – 2024-04-24 18:03:32

/ world today news/ The total wealth of the 120 Russian dollar billionaires has reached about 35% of the country’s GDP, which is an increase of about 10 percentage points per year. This was announced on Friday by the British newspaper “Financial Times” with reference to its own calculations.

According to the publication, Sweden is in second place in terms of the share of the wealth of billionaires in relation to the volume of national GDP: the wealth of the 41 big businessmen in the kingdom reaches nearly 30% of its GDP. India is in third place in the ranking: the wealth of local billionaires reaches almost 20% of the country’s GDP. The fourth and fifth positions in the list of 20 countries are occupied by entrepreneurs from the USA and France – about 18% and 17% of the national GDP, respectively.

The top ten also include Taiwan (15%), China (15%), Germany (14%), Brazil (13%) and Canada (12%). It is noted that over the last year, the total fortune of dollar billionaires in the world has grown from 5 trillion to 13 trillion dollars, and their number – by about 700 people, up to 2,700 businessmen.

At the same time, all billionaires in the ranking are divided into three groups: “hereditary” (those to whom the wealth passed from relatives), “good” (those who accumulated their wealth in the technological industries) and “bad” (those who work in ecologically unclean or “potentially corrupt” sectors of the economy – energy, mining, real estate, stock exchanges). The newspaper added that the majority of “bad” billionaires are in Mexico, Russia and Australia, “good” billionaires are native to Taiwan, China and South Korea, and “hereditary” billionaires live mainly in France, Germany and Indonesia.

The Financial Times indicates that the richest man in the world – the founder of the American company “Amazon” Jeff Bezos – has a fortune of 177 billion dollars, which is equal to 0.8% of the GDP of the United States. According to the publication, the largest fortune in terms of national GDP belongs to the Spaniard Amancio Ortega ($77 billion), who founded the company “Inditex” and to the Mexican Carlos Slim ($63 billion), who owns the holding “Grupo Carso” – 5 .3%. According to the newspaper, the fortune of the chairman of the board of directors of the Russian company “Norilsk Nickel” Alexey Mordashov is 29 billion dollars, which is equal to 1.7% of the GDP of Russia.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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