Financial study: Messi loss costs Barça € 137mn

According to a financial study, the departure of Lionel Messi costs FC Barcelona 137 million euros, among other things due to a lack of ticket and jersey sales and falling business income.

The departure of Lionel Messi hits FC Barcelona in the heart, not only athletically but also financially, it will leave its mark on the Catalans.

Barça lose 137 million to Messi exit

The departure of the Argentine Barça was actually supposed to save money, as the 34-year-old was by far the club’s top earner. However, a study by the consulting firm ‘Brand Finance’ now shows that the opposite is the case.

By not renewing Messi FC Barcelona loses 137 million euroswhich is a loss of eleven percent from its current estimated value, which is 1.266 billion.

Jersey sales drop by 80 percent

According to the study, the losses in commercial income alone would amount to 77 million euros, and an equally large financial hole would result from not selling jerseys and other merchandise (43 million).

In addition, the Messi exit also has a sporting effect, both in terms of the results on the pitch and the ticket revenue. Here ‘Brand Finance’ is expecting a loss of another 17 million euros.

Like the newspaper’s Spanish journalist Javi Miguel AS reports, the club is already feeling the first effects. Accordingly, the demand for the almost 30,000 available tickets for the league opener against Real Sociedad is lower than expected. So it is possible that there will be fewer fans at the Camp Nou for the game on Sunday (8 p.m.) than are allowed. In addition, jersey sales have also slumped by 80 percent since Monday, one day after Messi’s farewell PK.

Barça second most valuable club in the world – behind Real

“Messi’s presence in Barcelona has undoubtedly enabled the club to attract fans, season ticket holders, better players, managers, business deals and trophies. His departure could cost the club dearly and cause a painful drop in brand value,” said Messi Teresa de Lemus, Managing Director of Brand Finance Spain.

According to the latest report, FC Barcelona is the second most valuable football club in the world, behind Real Madrid. With Messi’s departure, the gap to Los Blancos could now widen a bit.

Messi’s move also has implications for La Liga

The financial impact does not stop at FC Barcelona, ​​however, but affects the entire league. With Messi, this is now losing its figurehead after other top stars such as Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and, most recently, Sergio Ramos have turned their backs on La Liga in recent years. As early as 2012, Javier Tebas, President La Ligas since 2013, raised the question in a tweet of what would become of the Spanish league if Ronaldo and Messi left it. To be more precise, he was alluding to the marketing of media rights.

In order to remain competitive compared to the other top international leagues, La Liga has now concluded a billion-dollar deal with the investment company CVC, which would also have ensured that Messi can stay at Barça – but both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are reluctant to accept this deal, presumably because it would make future Super League efforts impossible.

The exact impact Messi’s departure will have on La Liga remains to be seen in the future. It is clear, however, that Spain’s upper house of football will continue to lose ground to the other top leagues in Europe.



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