Apple Wants to Change iPhone Charger Port, Use USB-C like Android

JAKARTA, celebrities.idApple want to change the charger port on the device iPhone. According to a Bloomberg report, the Cupertinothat US is testing to use port USB-C.

As reported by Engadget Saturday (14/5/2022), later an iPhone with a USB-C port will also be possible to support various accessories on the market. Even for Lightning-to-USB-C accessories.

This means that an iPhone with a USB-C port also supports accessories such as a credit card scanner or flash drive. However, the Bloomberg report notes that this will not happen until 2023 at the earliest.

The presence of an iPhone with a USB-C port itself is predicted to bring a series of benefits that could not be obtained before. Such as charging and data faster and make life easier. Users who previously used USB-C for charging don’t have to bother buying a different cable when using the iPhone because USB-C can be found easily.

Testing USB-C on an iPhone will not only be convenient for most people who are already using USB-C, but it can also mean less e-waste in the future.

Editor: Leonardus Selwyn Kangsaputra

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