FilGoal | News | Klopp: We are not in a dreamland. I like what Salah did, and I will not talk about Shakiri

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp spoke after his team bid farewell to the League Cup against Arsenal, noting, “If there is someone who should win in the 90 minutes, it will be us.”

Lino brilliantly led Arsenal to cross the hurdle of Liverpool in the Round of 16 of the English League Cup. (See the details)

Klopp said: “If there is someone who should emerge victorious in the 90 minutes, it is us, not Arsenal.”

And he added in his statements during the press conference after the match, “But we are not in the dreamland. We must score goals in order to win the matches.”

He added, “I liked many things in the match and it is not easy to choose a team that was not the one that participated.”

“The players are learning and they have to keep learning, and I think they have performed very well.”

“I liked what Mohamed Salah and Van Dyck did. They were at the top of professionalism to lead this group of young players,” he added.

He pointed out, “It is difficult to talk about many positive things in a meeting during which you did not win, but in the end the loss came through penalties, and we were the ones with the most chances in the meeting.”

And on the reason why Shaqiri was completely excluded from the meeting Klopp revealed: “I do not want to talk about this. The only thing I will say is that he is not injured and also he did not do anything wrong, but at such a time (the transfer market) some things happen. We will wait and see what happens in the coming days.”

Klopp praised what Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno presented, He pointed out, “I spoke with Lino after the match and I was not happy because of his saves in front of us in the match.”

“As a coach, I would definitely have scored goals, but we had many good moments in the match. We showed our quality and I’m happy with that,” he continued.

Mohamed Salah was a key player from the start, before leaving the pitch after an hour of play.

Spaniard Mikel Arteta preferred to keep Mohamed El Neni on the bench before pushing him in the 68th minute at the expense of Dani Ceballos.

Al-Nene, who participated in the 68th minute, took the fourth penalty shootout for Arsenal, but Adrian blocked it.

Adrian halted the Nene kick, Leno responded by blocking Origi’s kick first, before he blocked Harry Wilson’s kick, to score Willock successfully and qualify for Arsenal.

The meeting, which witnessed wholesale changes from Jurgen Klopp and Arteta, for the league match that ended the Reds’ match 3-1, the preference was in favor of Liverpool, but Lino faced more than 3 chances.

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