FilGoal | News | Abdel Hafeez: Rabia is undergoing an examination and Mohamed Mahmoud participates in ball training … and Shahat is ready to participate

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, said that Rami Rabia, the team’s defender, will undergo a medical examination to determine his readiness to face Egypt for clearing, and Hussein Al-Shahat’s readiness to play the matches has also been announced.

Abdul Hafeez said: “Rabia is undergoing a medical examination on Friday to set a date for his return to group training.”

“The player suffers from muscle exhaustion, and today he underwent a physiotherapy and rehabilitation session to prepare him for the next stage,” he continued.

Rabia had physical training running around the stadium on the sidelines of the team’s collective training Thursday morning, as part of the program designated for him.

Rabia left the match between Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the last round between the two halves, due to his complaints about muscle fatigue.

Mohamed Mahmoud, player of the club’s first football team, participated in the ball training Thursday morning, after he carried out a qualifying program during the last period.

For his part, Abdel Hafeez said: “The player organized group exercises today, provided that his participation will be gradual until the announcement of his complete readiness to be at the disposal of the technical staff in the next stage.”

And he continued, “Al-Shahat is ready to be at the disposal of the technical staff after the completion of its rehabilitation program to recover from the effects of the hernia surgery he underwent recently.”

He continued, “The player participated in the training session on Thursday naturally, and is ready for the next stage.”

The coaching staff, led by Rene Fyler, escalated Ahmed Tariq Suleiman, youth goalkeeper, during the team’s training session on Thursday morning.

As previously, on Wednesday, Hamza Alaa, the youth goalkeeper, was stepped up to compensate for Ali Lotfi’s absence from the team.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez met with Rene Fyler before the start of the training session on Thursday, and the session witnessed some preparatory matters related to the Egyptian clearing match scheduled for Saturday.

The players, the coaching staff and the assistant were subjected to a “rapid test” to detect Covid 19 before facing clearing.

Al-Ahly faces Egypt for clearing in the 28th round of the Egyptian League on Saturday, and the Red Genie needs two points to win the 42nd league title in its history.


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